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NTTA Marketplace

Welcome to

Welcome to NTTA Marketplace
  • This is the official online resource to connect your business with the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA).

  • All vendors must complete Marketplace registration (upper right corner) in order to do business with NTTA.

  • NTTA Marketplace provides complete access to all the information you need regarding all NTTA competitive opportunities, bids, proposals, addendums, award information and more.

  • We look forward to working with you.

  • Important Information

    • * You must complete vendor registration (upper right corner). Password requirements: Must be a minimum of 7 characters. Must include a combination of alphanumeric characters and at least one special character.

  • * All solicitations must be submitted electronically.

  • * Click HERE for instructions on how to prepare and submit your response to open bids.

  • * When submitting, you must check the “Confidential” checkbox for each uploaded document that you do not want shared publicly.

  • * If you fail to check this box, these document(s) can be viewed by the public once the contract is awarded.

  • * The term “bid” is a general description in Marketplace that covers all competitive procurement types, such as, Request for Bids (RFB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), etc.

  • * The respective procurement type is found under the header “Type Code” in the details of each solicitation.

  • Current Opportunities
  • Future Opportunities
  • Contract awards
  • (use this guide to navigate your search).

  • Need additional help?

  • Start with our FAQ and Important Links section below.

  • Visit Procurement and Business Diversity to learn more about NTTA processes and opportunities.

  • To bid on NTTA surplus assets and materials, visit Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions concerning NTTA Marketplace, please email us at
    NTTA Marketplace